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Our Story

Chavel Mirror

One of my favorite pieces and sold quickly.   This was a dark mahogany  transformed in Cobblestone and White Wax.

Cherry Wood Chair in desperate need

Love how this turned out with just simple paint, some distressing and new fabric.  Done in Vanilla Frosting and distressed with Rocky Road.

Three Tier Shelving Unit

A piece from the 60's with a little damage to the wood.  Finished in Cobblestone and Simplicity, a little bling on the handles and a featured stencil.

How Cute is this Cabinet?

From Cherry Wood to Finished with Licorice and highlighted with Silver Metallic!!

How many of you have had one of these?

Dark Mahogany side cabinet that needed a true update using Elegance distressed with Rocky Mountain. 

Dresser with some new Knobs

This was an oldie but a goody.  Great as a dresser or a TV Stand with storage.  Bliss with Antique Wax and crystal knobs.

My sister's Bedroom Suite

My sister had a headboard, two nightstands and this dresser. Rather then spend hundreds of dollars on a new suite, I changed a dark wood into a brighter more modern set using Simplicity with a grey glaze and the top done in Rocky Mountain with a black glaze.

Tired of Yellow Oak Furniture?

Fabulous solid cabinet using Cheesecake and Rocky Mountain for the top.

Desk for a little girl!

Painted with Simplicity and Rocky Mountain.  The Simplicity was glazed and the chair was recovered.  She loved it!

Use your photo's!

An old barnwood window as a photo frame.  I added the vinyl saying as a beach reminder.   Painted with Sage Advice and distressed with Rocky Mountain. 

Solid Wood Nightstands

These were dark mahogany and needed to brighten them up using Simplicity and Rocky Mountain with Rocky Mountain distressing.

Cabinet with a Lid

Great for at the Back Entrance to store scarves/gloves etc. Painted with Simplicity and Dark Roast.  I added the stencil to give it a bit more character to the plain front.

Basic Stool with a pop of color!

Bliss mixed with Midnight Sky and white wax.

This stool was in rough shape!

Gave it a little love with Simplicity and Dark Roast Distressing.  The ragged cushion got some new fabric.

Barnwood Frame

Great for the bathroom as I added the Starfish hooks for towels. Finished with Simplicity and Cobblestone Distressing.

Barnwood Frame with a Sign

I love these barnwood frames.  Painted with Vanilla Frosting and distressed with Rocky Mountain.  I took one of my photos and had it enlarged plus added the sign.

Mirror with Detail

The more detail the better using wax or glaze.  Tropical Cocktail with antique wax.   

Pieces of Pallet and Made to Order

I MADE AND CREATED this using various colors and total INSPIRATION!!   $155

Great use for the Bathroom and Made to Order

Bliss color jars on a board using Simplicity distressed with Bliss.  $35

Class Project done by a guest and made to Order  $45

The backdrop was painted with Creme Brule and distressed with Antique Wax, stenciled with simplicity and the jar in Devotion with a black glaze.   

Created for a Client and made to Order

Barnwood coloring using Cobblestone/Pebble Beach and a Dark Chocolate glaze.  $45

Made to Order

Choose your color.....$45

Made to Order

Choose your Color...$30

Created for Grandma

My client brought me this window frame.  I added the vinyl and family photo's.   Grandma cried when she got it at Christmas!

Cherry Wood Cabinet Transformed

Painted in Licorice with distressing.

Client Request

Painted in Vanilla Frosting using Bliss and Rocky Mountain.

Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Class Project


Client Request